Nateeva Fragrances Take You To Exotic Places


If you are looking to expand your personal fragrances to remind you of a tropical hot spot then check out a fragrance line that may just peak your interest.  I personally have enjoyed swapping my old scents for these new floral and calming fragrances:)

Like most people, Jay McSherry & Hope Freeman, the co-founders of Nateeva fragrances love to travel, and the places they enjoy most are exotic island destinations.  Surrounded by turquoise waters and sweet balmy breezes, their senses were seduced by intoxicating smells, tantalizing flavors and fiery sunsets.  They wanted to bottle up these sensations and magically transport their customers to those calming, beautiful places each time they sprayed a fragrance!


Each Nateeva fragrance is inspired by the native flowers of exotic locations, starting with three of their favorites: Nateeva St. Martin is reminiscent of the beauty of the Hibiscus flower, tinged with vanilla, mimosa and sheer musk.  The Yellow Elder flower, blended with linden blossom, ginger and sandalwood, inspires Nateeva Bahamas fragrance.  And Nateeva Jamaica is an ode to the Lignum Vitae flower, laced with mandarin, frangipani and coconut water.

One of their passions is a deep affection and caring for animals, so they will be donating a portion of their proceeds to the Nateeva Fund, established to assist the diligent efforts of hardworking animal shelters, humane societies and private citizens throughout the regions they serve.

For more info and to learn about new scents in the making visit: Nateeva