Natalie Cole Remebered

natalie cole


Natalie Cole, daughter of infamous singer Nat King Cole, died on December 31, 2015 from heart failure:(  Natalie lived under the shadow of her father until 1975 when she released her debut album “Inseparable.”  It sold 1/2 a million copies but the stress and fame was followed by a drug addiction that she battled over the years.

In 1987 she decided to get her music career back on track after several rehab visits.  “Her post-rehab career was reignited by 1987’s Everlasting, her first album under a new deal with EMI-Manhattan Records, which sold 1m copies and launched the singles Jump Start (My Heart), I Live for Your Love and the top five hit Pink Cadillac, written by Bruce Springsteen. She followed up with 1989’s Good to Be Back, which delivered a top 10 single in Britain and the US with Miss You Like Crazy. Then came her apotheosis with Unforgettable.”

In 2008, Natalie announced that she had Hep C most likely caused from her past addiction to intravenous drugs.  Her kidneys failed in 2009 and then  on December 31, 2015, her heart gave out. We will miss Natalie’s beautiful soul and voice…

*(references from “the guardian”)