My Second Hydrofacial Results Are In

Hello my beauties!  My summer break has officially started now that my teenage daughter is out of school.  I can sleep in and don’t need to rush around until August.  However, today I woke up early to face the horrific morning traffic on the 405 Freeway, just so I could get another amazing hydrofacial with the lovely Paulette McNeely.  She is the esthetician on staff at Marina Plastic Surgery, in Marina Del Rey.

I took this photo while waiting to go in.  I had maybe 5 hours of crappy sleep and no coffee…So, don’t look too closely…HA! This time I tried to leave my beauty editor cap at home and enjoy the facial. (But asked a few questions while filming for Instagram @beautystylewatch) My face relished in the exfoliating, cleansing, hydro planing, hydration segment, and serums! For those of you looking for a deal, Marina Plastic Surgery offers a FREE Beauty Membership called the “Citrus Club,” where you can get facials and skincare at discounted prices.  Contact the office for more info.

Here I am 8 hours later after a yoga class…I have no makeup on my skin, only a little black eyeliner.  My skin looks fabulous!  If you are looking to brighten up and get your skin glowing again, then I highly recommend booking an appointment with Paulette.  One hydrofacial treatment will have you hooked!  The staff are friendly and welcoming with big smiles.  No judgement here!  If you are looking for something more permanent, Dr. Grant Stevens is a highly respected plastic surgeon, top in his field and runs Marina Plastic Surgery.

*BTW (These photos have not been retouched so what you see is what you get my beauties:) I am quite pleased xoxo