More Ways To Look Better in 2018

Now you can get a head start on beautiful skin in the new year. Skinn Cosmetics’ coveted Oleo Serum Anti-Aging and Anti- Pollution Complex with Encapsulated Olive Oil and Blue Zone Active Blend is back! It’s returning to Evine this January in a 50ml size that’s perfect for infusing your complexion with a rejuvenated, hydrated glow, so that skin will feel softer, smoother and more supple than ever.

Oleo Serum is one of Los Angeles-based Skinn Cosmetics’ heritage products. It draws upon the ancient tradition of infusing olive oil into a daily beauty ritual, and is part of Skinn founder Dimitri James’ family tradition. Formulated with the exceptional reparative powers of olive oil, this prized serum harnesses nature’s finest oils, antioxidant nutrients and anti-pollution protectants to revitalize, restore and maintain skin’s balance and natural radiance.

Oleo Serum includes a select blend of the finest ingredients, harvested from Blue Zone destinations around the world – regions in which people live longer, healthier lives:

– Costa Rican Green Coffee: helps shield skin from free radicals, with 70 times more antioxidant molecules than regular coffee.
– Sardinian Bosana Olives: Skinn’s patented Oleo-Eco-Extraction process helps to deliver essential fatty acids and skin-fortifying polyphenols that protect skin.
– Greek Lentisk: helps reinforce skin’s natural restorative properties through naturally occurring Oleanolic Acid.
– Japanese Helionori: a patented water and concentrated active ingredient – Japanese “nori” seaweed – that provides natural skin protection against sun damage.