More Summer Beauty Essentials

Beauty essentials are one of those things us “junkies” just can not get enough of!  Now that we are in full summer mode, there are even more beauty aids on my radar! As a beauty expert and advisor I have to share them with you because it would be selfish for me to keep them all to myself! xoxo

Check out more fabulous beauty products you should definitely be aware of…

Scunci Mixed Metals Collection
A fun and easy way to style your hair!

Conair Professional Round Brush

Combination of boar and nylon bristles distributes scalp’s own oils to leave hair silky and shiny.

Philip B. PH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist

Weightless, daily detangling mist leaves hair glossy and frizz-free. Perfect for all hair types.

Malin+Goetz vitamin b5 body lotion

Light in weight, yet heavy in performance, provitamin b5 and essential fatty acids deliver deep, long lasting moisture and nourishment. The quick-absorbing formula leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.


Makeup and skincare applicator that was designed to completely eliminate wasted makeup and skincare.
Expert and Dermatologist, Dr. Howard Sobel – Tips on Over-Moisturizing this summer:

Which ingredients offer the most moisturizing power for the body?

  •          The ingredients that offer the most moisturizing power for the body are glycerin, mineral oil, lanolin and dimethicone.

Is it even possible to over-moisturize? (For instance, I use a moisturizing body wash, in-shower body lotion, and body cream.) Is that overkill?

  •          Yes, it is possible to over-moisturize – It is a common misunderstanding that the more moisturizer you use, the more effective it can be. Excellent moisturizers are typically very concentrated and are meant to deliver through small amounts for all skin types. Moisturizers work to prevent water loss by coating the skin with a substance to trap moisture and too much will cause risks.

If so, what do you risk by going overboard with moisturizing?

  •          By over-moisturizing you can risk and cause the skin barrier function to weaken as well as clogging pores. Also, water-friendly ingredients like glycerin, which is supposed to attract and retain moisture, can only do so at a certain level of humidity.

For the average person, what’s enough to keep skin hydrated in the winter?

  •          For the average person, the key is to not overuse moisturizer but to apply morning and nighttime. However, for those prone to dry skin especially with eczema or diabetes, it may be required to find a deeper solution than just putting on the typical moisturizer. Therefore, I would recommend reaching out to your dermatologist. The most import way to make your moisturizer effective is to apply while the skin is still slightly damp.