Get Ready For The New Year

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The countdown has begun. New Years Eve is only 3 days away.  The big question is “what should I wear?”  And more importantly, “how should I do my makeup?”  Here at BSW we believe that you can never go wrong with a simple smokey eye.  It compliments every outfit and will make your eyes look very sexy especially when 2016 rolls in.

Eyes:  Start off with a clean moisturized face.  Apply an eye shadow base to both lids.  Pick your smokey eye shadow color to match your mood or dress.  Apply a medium shade on your lids.  Then take Beth Bender Beauty’s smokey eye stencil and place it on one eye lid at a time.  Apply a darker eye shadow color into the open area and press color into the area. Remove smokey stencil and place on the other eye and repeat.

Now take an ivory or pale pink eye shadow and apply just above the outline of your smokey eye to below your brows as a highlighter.  Blend gently in an upward motion to smooth out your smokey eye for a more natural look.  For a darker rimmed smokey eye you can apply black eye liner on your upper eye lash line. Use a black mascara on top lashes only.

Lips:  Red lipstick is festive this time of year.  If you are not a fan then wear a mauve or deep plum-red.