Moosh Socks Fun Inspiring Gifts

(above photo, Olga Kay with her biggest fans!)

“It’s scary to be different but by being different you get rewarded. Taking bigger risks teaches us a possible failure, failure is a necessary step to Success. Every girl is a Wonder Woman she just needs to believe it” xo Olga Kay

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Olga Kay.  Not only was she adorable and wore the best socks ever…she also happened to be the most friendly and “real” female I have met in a very long time!  All of this inspired me to write about her!

Moosh Walks was founded on the idea that self expression and individuality is a necessary step to discover your confidence. Embracing your own, individual voice is the foundation of becoming a fearless trendsetter and trendsetters become leaders. Each character has a superpower that reminds you that you are not along on this journey. 

Moosh Walks give young girls and boys the ability to stand out, make friends and start a conversation.  Sock materials are made of:  70% Cotton 22% Polyester 5% Rubber 3% Elastane – (One size fits all) Girls: 5-10 fits comfortably. If your size is bigger the foot will still fit but the socks become shorter. Moosh Walks can also fit adults perfectly!

Visit Moosh Walks now to buy a few pairs!  These make great gifts!

I got a pair for my daughter and I can’t wait to wear mine!!!