Launch of MesoLyft Micro-Needling Skincare Line

victoria beckham

Welcome to the world where you can give yourself at-home skincare treatments including fuller lips without injecting filler or having surgery…You can start looking better within weeks of using it and keep up with the latest in celebrity beauty trends!

Newly launched MesoLyft is the first and only skincare line that has built-in micro-needle exfoliation tip that prepares the outermost layer of skin for better application of the serum designed to increase the lip volume and improve the texture of problem areas like eyelids, face, neck and décolletage. The user pumps the plant- based serum directly onto the wheel that has invisible, painless needles while rolling it directly onto the skin.

Ninety-nine percent of participants in a clinical study of MesoLyft saw immediate increase of lip volume, and within three weeks of using the product a reduction of lines around the eyes and mouth, improvement of skin tone and texture of neck and décolletage, and diminishing of freckles and pores.

fuller lips without injections

MesoLyft lip enhancer is carefully formulated using mango butter to condition and plump the lips. Silicones make them feel extra soft and silky, and Aloe Vera soothes the lips after gentle exfoliation by the micro-needles.

Mesolyft Skin Brightener offers a natural and safe way to brighten your skin. Made with papaya and guava extracts, it’s clinically proven to inhibit melanin synthesis up to 90%. The kojic acid acts as a gentle pigment exfoliator. Our unique multi-action formula combined with MesoLyft micro-needle technology minimizes large pores, fine lines, and dark spots. Meadowfoam oil and jojoba were added to the product for deep moisturizing and calming effects.



Mesolyft Eye works instantly by giving your skin a Botox-like effect achieved with Argireline. VoluPlus gently plumps the skin, while the Retinol and Vitamin C are working double time to stimulate new collagen production for long-lasting improvement. The product includes ginko biloba extract for soothing anti-inflammatory effect.

younger neck without surgery

Mesolyft Neck maintains and regains youth and beauty with its special formula using dill extract and Vitamins E and C. MesoLyft Neck will increase collagen production for improved texture. The formula works synergistically with Retinol to stimulate collagen production.

*Mesolyft is class I cosmetic device that is marketed as micro-exfoliation tool. Micro-needles are produced and assembled at the ISO certified medical tools plant in the USA.  Skincare formulas have been developed with bio-chemist, an expert in organic skincare. Creams are produced in the USA mostly from plant-based ingredients relying on liposomal delivery. Mesolyft is dermatologist approved and fragrance free. For more information please visit