Meryl Streep Rocks Krome Body Tatts

krome body temporary metallic tattoos

If you’re looking to be a “hipster” at any age, like the infamous Meryl Streep, then may we suggest temporary body tattoos that look real but aren’t!  Check out Meryl’s bracelets in the photo above…they look like metallic tatts to me:)!

krome body tattoos

They come in black, silver, bronze and copper in a wide variety of patterns and designs!  *Perfect for anyone wanting tattoos but too chicken to actually get one or you just don’t want a permanent one:)

krome body tattoos

I LOVE MY TEMP TATTS by KROME BODY! Easy to apply and easy to remove.  They can last anywhere from 3 days to a week even with showering! I recommend not rubbing any type of oil based lotion on them to prolong their AWESOMENESS!

Krome Body metallic tattoos bring out your inner shine.  These easy-to-apply temporary jewelry tattoos can accent any outfit, and they’re sure to turn heads both outdoors and indoors. Show off your shine today! Only $18 for 4 good sized sheets!

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