Mederma Hair, Skin, Nails Supplements

Over the years it has been revealed that green tea can increase your metabolism, but did you know it can also stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth?  Add in other powerhouse ingredients like biotin, iron oxide, and natural oils and you’ve got yourself a magical mixture to help fuel hair and nail growth, as well as firm skin.

Pamper like a pro with 3 of Mederma’s newest products: Spezial Hair Capsules, Skin Capsules, and Nail Capsules.

merderma hair capsules

Mederma Special Hair Capsules ($12.95, – This unique combination of vitamins, micronutrients, L-cystine, and paprika extract provides your hair with the building blocks essential for growth. Take one supplement a day to thicken and strengthen strands. Ever ingested copper? This ingredient is essential for maintaining your hair pigment.

 merderma skin capsules

Mederma Spezial Skin Capsules ($20.99, – Contains a unique combination of vitamins, micronutrients including grape seed oil, linseed oil, Vitamins C & E, and zinc to increase elastin and keep your skin moisturized and firm.


Mederma Spezial Nail Capsules ($12.95, – Instagram nail goals are a real thing. Help your nails grow faster with a unique combination of vitamins, nutrients, soy protein, and Vitamin B6. Say goodbye to short, brittle nails and hello to strong nails that are 25% thicker.