Beauty Junkies Will Love MaskerAide

Recently I was approached about trying and reviewing a new beauty./skincare line for gals on the go!  When I received my samples I was blown away by the cute packaging and the variety of facial products in my box!  It was a “beauty junkies” dream come true:)  There were face masks, eye gels and zit zappers that my 14 year old daughter can’t get enough of!  Check this out!!!


SPOTTED! Anti-Blemish Clear Spot Patches



Caught off guard and spotted with a blemish? Kick those unwelcome guests to the curb with their emergency spot patches that help clear unwanted acne. Minimize the look of pesky pimples, absorb excess oil and calm redness with a blend of Salicylic Acid, Volcanic Ash and Tea Tree  Oil. These clear miracle workers deliver continuous blemish fighting benefits so you can say bye-bye to those unwanted spots on your face. (These clear spot patches are easy to use and worn overnight (8-12 hours) to help minimize redness and oil)  They really work and are easy to apply!

MaskerAide_FABLIFESET(NEW)-WEBAnd if you want a variety of beauty helpers this is the perfect solution!

THE FAB LIFE Set gives you the BEST of MaskerAide with their signature 6-Pack of Eco-Friendly Facial Sheet Masks and our BRAND NEW ‘ALL EYES ON ME’ Hydrating Eye Gel Patches! Treat yourself to the some serious skin love with all of their fabulous sheet masks and eye gel treatments. Stock up or share them with your fabulous pals!

THE FAB LIFE Set include:

One Box of ALL EYES ON ME (4 Pairs of individually packaged eye gels)
One Box of IN A CLUTCH (1 of Each of our 6 Facial Sheet Masks)

MaskerAide has a lot of products worth checking out! So what are you waiting for:)