Marine Botanicals Help Aging

jessica chastin


Marine ingredients have come crashing into the beauty sphere like a tidal wave, and new research has validated what some cultures believed for hundreds of years: ocean life has some serious skin benefits.  Having to adapt to their aquatic surroundings for survival means many of these marine-based creatures are packed with potent minerals, proteins, peptides, and anti-aging oils—resulting in incredible cell-renewal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Check these out!

mineral based skincare

  • Caviar Extract: Possibly the ultimate delicacy, caviar is no longer strictly reserved for the taste buds. Used in skin care products like Amarte’s Natural Finish BB Cream ($65,, caviar extract is derived from sturgeon roe and packed with skin-essential fatty acids and lipids to hydrate and nourish, creating an unparalleled plumping effect.
  • Pearl Powder: Forget diamonds, pearls are officially a girl’s best friend! This multi-functional aesthetic ingredient has recently been proven to deliver substantial antioxidant, hydration, and brightening properties. Experience the power of the pearl with Amarte’s coveted Wonder Cream ($120,
  • Red Algae: High in protein and beta carotene, this natural, marine-based anti-inflammatory has been shown to reduce the inflammation response by 64% after 24 hours and thus makes for a great addition to skin care formulations. Found in HydroPeptide’s Active Body Scrub ($48,, expect improved skin hydration, radiance and smoothness through the maximization of cellular renewal.

Crushed Pearls: Used widely in traditional Asian medicine to fight inflammation and detoxify, pearls are rich in amino acids, proteins and calcium. When incorporated into skin care products, such as HydroPeptide’s Eye Authority ($74,, it quickly absorbs and accelerates the natural metabolism of the skin, tones and reduces impurities, shrinks pores and reduces the appearance of redness—all while brightening the affected area instantly.