Marie Ernst Beauty Bars On Kickstarter

Marie Ernst™, a new luxury, all-natural soap brand created, designed and patented by the Marie Ernst™ Team and produced by the same manufacturer that developed thousands of different bar soap formulations over the years is now on Kickstarter.  If you aren’t already aware of kickstarter, it is a website that offers a new way to fund creative, independent projects. You can become a backer by pledging money or simply posting their Kickstarter link online and on social media. Real Housewives star, Gretchen Rossi, is a huge fan of the soap and is personally backing the project!


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Marie Ernst™ offers an innovative two-in-one approach to beauty bars without limiting the benefits of either element. Marie Ernst™ Pumice Bars are made of 15% organic pumice, which allows a gentle exfoliation. Marie Ernst™ Moisturizing Bars are made with ingredients like olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oils to guarantee superior hydration. Combined, the two components work as a cohesive unit to give you the ultimate sensory experience in skin care and body treatment.

The idea of two halves making a whole was inspired by yin and yang—a concept that was demonstrated by the founder David Jenkins’ parents Mary and Ernest, the company’s namesake. He witnessed the strength that they achieved as a happily married couple of over 60 years and was inspired to create a fine soap that works the same way—stronger together than apart.

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Marie Ernst™ offers a variety of beauty bars, which include a regular Pumice, a Pumice with Coquille De Noix (Black Walnut shells added to our all-natural Pumice for a deeper exfoliation and cleanse), Natures Natural, Peppermint Forest, Patchouli Lavendula, Lemon Beebrush, Jasmice Citrus and Honey Vanilla. Once the Kickstarter launches, they will be available for purchase online at