Looking To Fix Skin Damage? Gilded Cells Can Help

age reversal

The Gilded Cells Generation One Collection, which launched earlier this year, is a line of revolutionary skincare products created by Dr. Sohila Zadran, a molecular neurobiologist at UCSF. Dr. Zadran formulated the Collection after conducting research and studies to treat skin conditions, specifically in cancer patients caused by chemotherapy. Her findings were more effective than anyone expected and it was discovered they could be used to repair skin damage from a wide range of causes, not only chemotherapy.

gilded cells face serums

The Generation One Collection contains a day cream, a night cream, a multi-complex serum and a targeted stem cell serum. These products have been found to activate the molecular pathways involved in repairing age-dependent skin aberrations, including wrinkles, acne scarring and scar tissue. Clinical trials have also shown the Collection increases skin vitality, repairs age associated damage and skin texture.

I have been using the 4 products by Gilded Cells for several weeks now and have definitely noticed that the fine lines around my eyes have diminished!  My friends have been gawking at me trying to figure out what I’ve done to look so great! HA! They need to read my review!!!

Make sure to use as directed in order to get the results your skin needs!  Results will vary depending on your skin type and personal issues. I know you will love it as much as I do!

*Since launching the Collection earlier this year, have received a great response from both the public and the industry.