Start Your Day With Lifetherapy Bath & Body Essentials



Say goodbye to the boring fragrances and introduce yourself to a new signature scent! Formulated with fresh hints of gardenia, pineapple leaf, sensuous musk, and palm bark, the Escape bath & body collection from Lifetherapy will transport you to a beautiful, peaceful place.

Lifetherapy is a mood-boosting bath and body collection created with thoughtful ingredients and luxury packaging. The entire collection is made in the U.S.A. and is healthy for your body: sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalates-free, and vegan friendly. They’re also cruelty-free!

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Escape Eau de Parfum, $48 

lifetherapy perfumes

  • Made with Zemea ® petroleum free and environmentally sustainable.
  • Formulated with the finest essential oils for subtle yet long lasting fragrance.

Escape Pulse Point Oil Roll-on Perfume, $29  

  • Contains the highest perfume percentage allowed to create an experience that is long lasting.
  • Alcohol free.
  • Made with sunflower seed oils and a naturally derived emollient ester.

Escape Body Crème, $38


  • The perfect blend of shea butter & sunflower oil enhance skin softness.
  • Vitamin E, B5, and oils of almond & macadamia provide the healing benefits of repairing skin tone & texture.

Escape Body Scrub, $34

  • Made with raw brown sugar & crushed sea salt.
  • Uniquely blended to gently exfoliate dead skin cells without dehydrating skin, revealing softer younger cells.
  • Loaded with oils of sweet almond, macadamia and sunflower seed along with shea butter and vitamin E.
  • This nourishing scrub will leave your skin looking vibrant and healthy while laying a foundation for future body lotion absorption.

Escape Hand & Body Wash, $24

  • Softly fragranced wash specially formulated with an LT Complex, shea butter, coconut oil and vitamins E & D.
  • This luxurious wash will moisturize while cleansing leaving skin soft and healthy looking. Also makes a lush moisture-rich soothing bubble bath.

Escape Body Lotion, $24 

  • Our hydrating lotion is rich in skin conditioners, natural oils and vitamins that work in harmony to leave skin silky soft and moisturized.
  • Shea butter, Almond Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil.
  • Care has been taken to source only the highest quality raw materials.


Available at and at select boutiques nationwide.