Last Minute Sexy Halloween Looks

Haven’t had a chance to get a cool costume yet?  Or maybe Halloween is not your thing but you’ve decided to join the rest of the gang?  Then here are a few easy and quick makeup tips to help DIY!

Grab a mask to cover your identity and focus on your lips.  Before putting on your mask, apply black eye liner around your upper and lower lid for sexy sultry eyes.  Follow with black mascara.  Apply at least 2 coats for the “wow” factor!

Fill in your pout with Halloween bright orange, black or red lip color.  Add some fun crystals or lip tattoos to make a statement.  Wear your hair down with a few curls framing your face.

Second last minute look…Use Beth Bender Beauty’s “Eye Candy Stencils” to create the perfect cat eye.  No fuss or mess.  Use black eye liner pencil or eye shadow to fill in the stencil then peel away to reveal your perfect sexy cat eye.

Add a little glitter gelly to your eye lid and lips.  Use an black eyeliner pencil to add a few cat whiskers and a bit on the tip of your nose.  Viola! Instant sexy cat!

Happy Halloween!