Summer is upon us which also means FULL EXPOSURE on all those places we’ve been covering up in the cooler months. Keeping up with a polished bikini line, legs and underarms can be a lot of work and huge hassle! Spruce and Bond specialist, Kristen Rogers breaks down the differences between wax and laser, so that your decision-making process will be smooth-sailing. 



·         PROCESS: The hair follicle is pulled out of its root, which can cause ingrown hairs.

·         EFFECTIVENESS: Most effective on people with dark, course hair as it is easier for the wax to grip and pull out.

·         COST: $75 per treatment for bikini, $50 for bigger areas like arms and legs, and $25 for smaller areas like upper lip. As time passes you don’t need to wax more than once in 2 months.

·         RESULTS: Post waxing, your body is likely to remain hair-free, smooth and silky for about 2 weeks and the hair grows much finer if waxing is done regularly.


·         PROCESS: Coarse dark hairs are selectively targeted while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. It can even diminish ingrown hairs altogether.

·         EFFECTIVENESS: Hair will be absent for a longer period of time than waxing, but could come back fairly quick depending on the thickness of your hair.

·         COST: $1,500 per treatment for bikini, $1,000 for bigger areas like arms and legs, $750 for smaller areas like upper lip and $250 for touch ups until complete hair loss (This varies from person to person)

·         RESULTS: Hair will grow back finer and lighter (but varies from person to person). Overall, you are hair-free after 3-7 treatments.