Klhip Clippers For Father’s Day!



Sometimes, products are specifically designed for a purpose, and in the end they look pretty ridiculous. Take the Ultimate Clipper from Klhip, a specially designed, ergonomic nail clipper designed to prevent nail snags with it’s odd, forward facing hold. The world’s first ergonomically correct nail clipper.
This award-winning breakthrough in design gives you increased control and leverage as you trim your nails. Precision engineered from surgical grade stainless steel and with a handmade leather case.  Makes a GREAT GIFT for men and women!
The Ultimate Clipper comes with a lifetime warranty, and the company will also sharpen them for you… for life!
These nail clippers are light weight and easy to handle for precision cutting.  I love the leather case it comes in since it protects my Klhip Clippers from getting damaged and make them easy to find amongst my beauty aides:)