Keracolor Protects Hair From Tap Water

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Do you wash your hair with tap water?  Most people do, and that’s why I’m excited to introduce you to the hair regimen for the modern woman: Keracolor Clenditioner and Purify Plus Leave-in Treatments.  What makes this line so unique is that besides cleansing and conditioning hair, this product neutralizes chlorine and trace minerals in tap water that destroy hair. This helps protect your hair against serious damage and preserves your color and vibrancy, too!

keracolor shampoo and conditioner

Keracolor products have even more benefits: each are keratin based to help rebuild damaged hair from the inside-out, keeping it strong.  They also bring the hair back to it’s natural pH balance, which closes the cuticle and leaves hair shiny and smooth.  All of that, in just two simple steps!


  • Sulfate free, no-lather formula that won’t strip color or natural oils
  • Neutralizes chlorine & trace minerals to preserve color
  • Keratin based to help repair hair from inside-out
  • Will not cause build-up
  • Designed for all hair types
  • First step in modern cleansing  & conditioning regimen

Purify Plus & Purify Plus Lite

  • Keratin based leave-in treatment
  • Neutralizes chlorine & trace minerals to preserve color
  • Restores hair to natural hair state of 4.5 pH, sealing cuticle & locking in color
  • Provides shine, softness & detangling
  • Purify Plus Lite features volumizing agents for additional body
  • Final step in modern cleansing & conditioning regimen

Keracolor is a professional product line, but thanks to, anyone is able to purchase it while still giving credit to their stylist!