Keep Your Hair On Your Head

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It’s National Hair Loss Awareness Month people and most women use hot hair tools to style their hair which can cause hair to break down, become unhealthy and brittle.  If you are like me, you’ll want to keep your hair looking healthy, shiny, and on your head like Reese Witherspoon.  Am I right???  Then let me tell you about a spray for your hair that will do just that!

I was asked to try Scientific Essentials Therapeutic Caffeine Spray, and write my opinion so I accepted! I have used it morning and night over the past few weeks, (as directed on the bottle), and I am happy to report that my hair is looking fuller at the roots! YAY!

stop hair from breaking

Created by Top NYC Hair Restoration Doctor/Expert, Dr. Robert Dorin, this new therapeutic caffeine spray is made with the best scientific ingredients (and NO sulfates!) to restore hair health and prompt growth. It works to rebalance moisture and repair damage of dry, brittle and stressed strands.  It works to prevent hair loss overall and acts almost like the hair growth medication Rogaine. This Therapeutics savior spray created by Dr. Dorin himself contains a very pure form of caffeine that increases the energy production of the hair helping to keep it in its growth phase.

It will be available the end of August at www. for around $45 and worth every penny!!! The spray goes right to your scalp and immediately starts working to keep your precious hair from breaking off:)!

Definitely check it out!  Your scalp will thank you!