Get Struck By Katy Perry’s Mad Love

katy perry's mad love fragrance


Check out Katy Perry’s Mad Love!  It’s a flirtatiously mischievous cupid.  Katy shoots an arrow and casts a spell on everything around her.  This scent is whimsical, fun, and her powerful love potion is just irresistible🙂

This fragrance will be addictive from the start with it’s playfully sexy floriental fruity fragrance which opens with the succulence of Lady Apple Sorbet and Mara Strawberry blended to perfection with freshness of delicious Pink Grapefruit.

The middle notes of Peony Petals, smooth Sun-Kissed Jasmine, and the hypnotic pull of the Bleeding Heart flower will captivate the senses.  Indulgent warmth builds in the background with the allure of Coconut Wood, Skin Musk, and ever so sensual Sandalwood.

Did you know that the essence of the Bleeding Heart flower is said to purify and strengthen the Heart Chakra, bringing an open-hearted attitude, soothing emotions, and and re-inviting the spirit of love into one’s body and soul?! Buy some know and find out for yourself xo

Katy Perry’s Mad Love is now available at for $29.98.