Kaley Cuoco at Stand Up For Pits

Kaley Cuoco
Celebrity hairstylist Christine Symonds worked with Kaley Cuoco for the 6th Annual Stand Up For Pits on Saturday, this past weekend in Hollywood, CA.
1. I prepped Kaley’s hair with Batiste Dry Shampoo for grit and texture all over the strands.
2. Next I pulled her hair in to four pony tails down the back of her head.
3. I twisted two sections of the pony tail and then wrapped in messy buns leaving the ends out for a messy look and secured with bobby pins.
4. I repeated on all the remaining pony tails.
5. I sprayed OUAI Wave Spray on the buns and pulled them apart until the desired shape was formed.
6. I finished with a mist of Oribe Superfine Hair Spray to secure the look.