Julianne Hough Dancing With The Stars



Celebrity hairstylist Chad Wood worked with Julianne Hough for last night’s episode of ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ on Monday, October 10th in Los Angeles, CA.

“My inspiration was from looks I had pulled from a couple of Paris runway looks that I made my own. I wanted something different and fresh that nobody would expect. Whilst still polished and clean.”

Start by blowing the hair away from the face, once dry apply Alterna Caviar Style Luxe Shape Versatile Crème Gel. Love this product because it’s a cream gel and gives a soft movable hold and gets all the baby hairs. Then take a Mason Pearson Brush and make a high tight pony, making sure that everything is smooth and in place. Use an ’S’ hook elastic band to secure at the base. After pony is secure then start your fish tail braid and once done spray with IGK Hair Spray. After braid is done flip the braid up towards the face and have the end circle back, almost creating a loop. Separate and shape as desired and secure with bobby pins as needed. After, place Jen Atkin X Chloe + Isabel Thick Plank Barrette at end of tail to add a little accent to your style. Finally, spray down with more IGK Hair Spray and done you have a flip tail braid.”