It Cosmetics Bye Bye Spring Launch 2018

IT is HERE!!!!  The Spring Launch of the latest creations from “It Cosmetics!”

Last night my associate Nicole and I perused the gorgeous penthouse lounge at Skystudio in downtown LA, to celebrate the launch of the new Spring Collection of “It Cosmetics.”


Jamie Marie Kern Lima, founder and creator, was there to personally introduce it and tell us her story:). So inspirational and uplifting.  The night was filled with amazing women and tremendous support for our beauty industry!

New to the already AMAZING line…Bye Bye Makeup wipes…Now let me tell you a little story…I am a HUGE fan of It’s Superhero Eye Liner Pen.  However, when I tried to remove it at night it would smear all over my eyes…WAAH.

As I was telling Daniel my story, he stopped me and told me that Jamie had fixed that problem.  Hence…drum roll please…BYE BYE MAKEUP WIPES!  Check this out girls and boys, I used it last night:

YES, they really work! As you can see in my photo, no smearing of my liquid pen eyeliner.  YAY!!!

The next big announcement was It Cosmetics launch of the perfect moisturizing foundation that is lighter, more hydrating and better coverage then It’s C.C. Cream.  And it is breathable and does not bunch up of crease your skin as the day goes on.  It actually stretches with your skin and looks flawless all day into evening!  A MUST HAVE!  Bye Bye Foundation…As always, available in every skin tone/color.

Met a sister duo who I just wanted to take home with me…these 2 are instgram influencers and just lovely! Morgan and Lindsay Demeola! Two young chicks from Jersey! What can I say, us ‘East Coasters‘ just mash together:)

A big thanks to all of the gals at It Cosmetics and PR gals!  Love you to bits xoxo