Is Rainbow Hair For You?

Rainbow hair may not be a new trend but it is still popping up on the tresses of celebrities. Summer is the perfect season to experiment with bold beautiful color. Instead of going in for your normal highlight consider something a little more daring, like bright blue or pastel purple. The color experts of Butterfly Studio Salon give their insight on how to select your perfect summer color along with styling suggestions for any commitment level.

Color expert Faye Goodwin’s favorite part about this trend is that it looks great on any length. “As a NYC colorist, based in the heart of Manhattan, I see this growing trend in everyone from celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kelly Ripa to girls walking down 5th Ave.” If you want all over color like Kylie’s pastel blue lob or Jenny McCarthey’s long hot pink tresses, Goodwin suggests an all over bleach out then tone in your preferred color. “For me, this is not a color trend that that you look to compliment skin tone or eye color, this trend is about having fun!”

kylie jenner

If all over color frightens you Goodwin suggests peekaboo color or a balayage highlight technique for a more subtle look. If you want to hide your color occasionally, “best placement for peekaboo hair is behind the ear in a diagonal section (for shoulder length and longer) or from temple to ear about 1-1.5 inches from the hairline” This way you can pull your hair back and the bright color won’t be visible.

Another low key color option is the balayage, which is when the stylist paints the color onto your hair for a more precise highlight. This technique is best for an ombré color application. Goodwin explains balayage as, “the customized technique will create a gradual fading from darker roots and mid shafts to lighter and more vibrant ends. My personal favorite rainbow trends for summer are sombré ends (soft ombré) in a playful color.”

katy perry

For commitment-phobes hairchalk is a great option to temporarily change up your look. Butterfly Studio Salon Master Color Specialist Min Kim suggests this technique because it allows you to experiment with whatever color you want or multiple colors and comes out in 2-3 washes. For a little more staying power Butterfly Studio Salon Colorist Tara Sookdeo suggests liquid hairchalk, “You can skip going through all those stages in a coloring process with one easy application which adds or deposits the color, making it safer and better on hair. You can be done in under an hour for results that can last up to 4 weeks.” These hairchalk solutions are great for those afraid of damaging hair with bleach, or if you want to try something new for a special occasion.

rainbow hair