#InnerBeauty Teams With Aestelance

Award winning actress, Jenn Gotzon, launches campaign to inspire young women and teenage girls to celebrate the gift of their #InnerBeauty



Jenn Gotzon ( http://www.imdb.me/JennGotzon )  Since portraying Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard’s Oscar nominated Frost/Nixon, as well as Oscar nominated “Alone Yet Not Alone,” and working with Academy Award winnerAng Lee in “Hulk,” Jenn Gotzon has become an American leading lady in uplifting films. Jenn has starred in other films including Doonby, and God’s Country, as well as being featured in TV shows Pushing Daisies, House, CSI: New York, and she is currently filming a HULU series in which she is cast as the lead.


Here is some info on AESTELANCE:


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Jenn is now launching the #InnerBeauty campaign with which she is encouraging girls to give the gift of love this new year. Here is an idea of what girls can do!

1.      Write on a piece of paper a word that you want to focus on being (i.e. #Authentic, #Honest, #Noble, #Peaceful, #Lovely #Gracious)


2.      Add the Hashtag #InnerBeauty and tag @JennGOTZON


3.      Post on Instagram with what you’re focusing on being. (i.e. “This year I’m focusing on being #Gracious! #InnerBeauty #Graciousness @JennGOTZON”)


4.      Tag your best friend and challenge them to focus on #InnerBeauty!


Jenn hope is that this call to action will actually encourage girls to feel better about themselves and help shift their focus from the “mean girls” to their #InnerBeauty.