iHome Beauty’s New Bluetooth Vanity Mirror

iHome Beauty Reinvents A Classic: Line of Vanity Mirrors with Music and Call Capabilities Available Now
Cutting edge vanity mirror will enhance the category with advanced features including wireless music streaming, speakerphone and charging port
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The vanity mirror has finally got an upgrade. iHome unveils its new line of Vanity Speakers, fusing professional design and materials with state-of-the-art technology. Listen to music or take phone calls through the high-quality speaker in the base, while using the double-sided mirror with full color spectrum light to show every detail, regardless of setting.

iHome’s designers created the Vanity Speaker to be as elegant and full featured as any vanity available. Each boasts a tilting, distortion-free mirror on one side, with a magnified mirror on the reverse side. The product is available in three varieties. A 9-inch model with 7x magnification, is beautifully designed in durable metal construction and looks right at home in the swankiest salons. A 6-inch model with 5x magnification, is available in white or silver, and is lightweight enough to take anywhere.
Both Vanity Speakers come loaded with technology. Bluetooth audio makes it easy to stream tunes or take a call without tangled wires, while a full control panel on the base controls volume, skips tracks, or answers and terminates calls. A USB charging port is ready to keep a mobile device fully charged. The iCVBT7 also offers a rechargeable battery, so it can run for up to four hours while unplugged. Both models also feature a power saving timer, which automatically shuts the light off when not in use.
This vanity mirror “rocks!”  (no pun intended)  I love the sound from the bluetooth speakers.  Now I can listen to music and talk freely while putting on my makeup!  No more beauty interruptions or running late while juggling a phone and makeup! MAKES A FABULOUS GIFT FOR MOTHER”S DAY or ANY Occasion!
For more information, please visit www.ihome.com.