How To Create Sultry Eyes



This weekend why not try a different eye look from your usual every day look.  We just LOVE cat eyes and this one is a “sultry” cat eye using an eyeliner pen in black.  It is so simple to create and will switch up your look in minutes!

Get Sultry Cat Eyes:

You will need a fine pointed tip eyeliner pen in black, black mascara, deep red lipstick.  We suggest using an eyeliner pen from Youngblood Cosmetics, Fifty-Fifty from Palladio, or Beth Bender Beauty.  

Gently apply the black eyeliner pen on your upper eyelid close to your lash line starting at the inner corner near your tear duct.  Follow around your upper lid making the line a little thicker towards the end of your eye where your lashes are longest.  As you near the end make sure to extend your eyeliner up at a slight slanted angle which will help in creating your cat eye.  Then continue around your lower eye until your eyeliner meets where you began.  (Look at photo for reference).  Repeat on other eye.  To avoid any white skin in between lashes, you might want to gently lift your upper eye lid and apply some black eyeliner pen in between your lashes. (This is also referred to as “Tightlining“)

Now take your Black Mascara and add a few coats to upper lashes only.  To finish your look apply a deep red lip color to your lips.  This is a great look for Valentine’s Day if you have a romantic outing planned!  V-Day is only a few weeks away!