Hottest Trending Frey Shorts and Jeans


It’s officially summer!  YAY!!!!  So, if you don’t live in the warmer areas then now is the time for you to show off your booty and put on a pair of the hottest denim shorts that are screaming awesomeness on social media!  STS Blue shorts baby!  They are popping up more and more with fashion influencers. STS Blue has introduced their version of Victoria’s Secret “Angels” calling their muses “Denim Dolls.”  So hot it sizzles:) The most recent Denim Doll STS has teamed up with is social media sensation Ava Lane to curate a limited edition design collaboration, now for sale called the Ava Pali Fray short. The Ava Pali features antique copper hardware, star detailed embroidery, ripped denim mid-rise and a casual fray curved hem for a cheeky fit.

sts jeans

For the less “cheeky” girl, STS Blue has the best jeans in the hottest styles also available.  I LOVE the feel of these jeans.  Soft denim that stretches exactly where you need them to stretch and clingy in all the right places…wink, wink…  Easy to pack for a weekend at the beach when the temps drop and you don’t feel like dressing up but still want style.  Throw on a cute tank top or sexy blouse and off you go girl:)

The STS Blue denim line is inspired by the casual LA and Southern California vibe. They live, breathe and love denim! STS Blue styles are true to size, and are made in a variety of fabrics to execute perfectly authentic washes while maintaining a flattering fit. They offer cotton, polyester, spandex and rayon blends for that comfortable, laid back, and effortlessly chic SoCal look. STS Blue is sold at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Von Maur, as well as online at Styles include skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts, and more; all with a friendly price point, averaging $50.