Hot Fragrances For Back To School

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It’s almost time to get back to school.  The nights are getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier and rising later.  Soon the leaves on the trees will begin to change colors and it will be time to start smelling fresh for Fall.  Wouldn’t it be nice to switch up your fragrance too?!

Having the perfect fragrance to spritz on in the morning is crucial.  It’s not only the finishing touch to your outfit, but it’s also a direct reflection of your personality.  And with, you can find nearly every fragrance under the sun to kick start the school year smelling fresh!

Check these fabulous fragrances for her:

Marc Jacobs Lola ($61.99 at – This fragrance is a grown-up version of Daisy. Lola is for the flirty, fun, free spirit. Lola is innocently sexy with dazzling notes of pink peppercorn blended with subtle vanilla, musk and tonka bean.

Vera Wang Rock Princess ($30.99 at – Rock Princess is the older, sexier sister to Vera Wang’s original Princess fragrance. It contains some of the same sweet notes as Princess, but settles on the skin a little darker than its predecessor. It has notes of red raspberry, white peach, creamy coconut, jasmine and more.


And for him:

Lacoste Pour Homme ($22.99 at – Edgy notes of cinnamon, juniper and plum make Lacoste Pour Homme the ideal fragrance for the sophisticated guy. The wearer is most likely to succeed, but still knows how to have a good time. Its notes consist of cinnamon, apple, juniper, plum, and woods.

Guess Seductive Homme by Guess ($20.99 at – This fragrance is intended for a charming, charismatic and magnetic gentleman. It is a crisp fragrance that gives off a woodsy and musky scent—mixed with a hint of black pepper—it’ll make your masculinity go up a solid 10 points.