At-Home Glycolic Acid Resurfacing Line

Check out the latest at home facial restoration trend that will resurface your face for a more even skin tone and a softening of fine lines and wrinkles!  Pioneers of the ‘French pharmacy’ trend in the U.S., Jouviancethe №1 Canadian dermo-beauty brand – is bringing the latest in-office laser-resurfacing technologies from its Montreal clinics to the masses with its new RestructivSRD Glyco|Laser soft peels skincare collection.

By incorporating clinical-grade AHAs, BHAs, and Glycolic Acid with its patented 3-tiered soothing complex, Jouviance delivers an effective, non-drying/non-irritating, slow-release formula that’s gentle on skin for safe at-home use in four glycolic acid formulations:


By using Jouviance RestructivSRD Glyco|Laser Soft Peel Night Cream 5% Glycolic Acid:

Results will show a 77% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well as a 60% more even skin tone!


After using Jouviance RestructivSRD Glyco|Laser Soft Peel Night  Cream 10% Glycolic Acid:

Expect to see 80% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and 80% more even skin tone


Jouviance RestructivSRD Glyco|Laser Soft Peel Mask 5% Glycolic Acid:

Results showed that 95% saw more radiant-looking skin, 90% saw a more even skin tone, and 85% saw a visible reduction in pores after using these products.  That is astounding!

Jouviance RestructivSRD Glyco|Laser Soft Peel Lotion 10% AHA + BHA:

After using this the results showed 100% more even skin tone, 94% performance satisfaction, and 88% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

This product line is amazing.  If you have sensitive skin please test out skincare on a small patch of your skin first to make sure your skin is okay to use it.  I would also advise to wear A LOT of SPF if going out in the sun!

Availability: The Jouviance RestructivSRD Glyco|Laser collection is available now at CVS/pharmacy® nationwide and as part of the retailers’ CVS Elevated Beauty program.

Pricing: All RestructivSRD Glyco|Laser products retail for $35.