Hi Def Mascara For Longer Fuller Lashes

If you are anything like me, you are never ever happy with your eye lashes:(!  Doesn’t matter what eyelash serum you use, even the highly acclaimed ones that are a fortune stop working when you stop using them and/or your body becomes immune to them after several months…Eyelash extensions are costly, time consuming and I am allergic to ALL of them…the glue and the lashes for sensitive eyes…WAAAAH! So, what is a beauty junkie to do???

Well, you can give up or start using a mascara/fiber set that gives you instant eyelashes without spending a fortune!  I recently tried Sweet Minerals High Def Lashes and the results have been 100% (as seen above)

HI DEF Lashes have a unique Green Tea Fiber Formula that builds your natural lashes to illegal lengths! Their specially designed Lengthening Gel is formulated to meld and seal the Enhancement Fibers into long, thick, dramatic lashes.  Apply the lengthening gel first followed by the green tea fibers, then another coat of the lengthening gel for best results.

You can easily remove the Hi Def Lashes with eye makeup remover and your daily facial cleanser.  Gently rub on lashes to remove:)

I am loving my lashes now baby xoxo