Happy New Year! Umberto and Colorescience For Perfect Look


New Years Beauty Perfection with expert tips from makeup artist Kerrie Quinby and celebrity hairstylist Umberto Savone.  By using Colorescience cosmetics and UMBERTO Beverly Hills hair products, these two beauty experts will ensure you are glammed up and ready for New Years Eve and 2017!

Makeup Perfection with Kerrie Quinby

“For long type of days, skip heavy moisturizers in the morning, try something light weight. Also if you can skip cream under eye concealer and opt for a powder version – try Colorescience Mineral Corrector Palette for long lasting correction all over the face.”

Mineral Corrector Palette

Colorescience’s Mineral Corrector Palette comes complete with five shades to neutralize red, blue and yellow tones. The Mineral Corrector Palette provides long-lasting, natural-looking coverage that is equally effective for everyday use or post-procedure discoloration.

Holiday Hair and 2017 Hair Trends with Umberto Savone

A dolled up face needs to be paired with some luscious hair. Below, celebrity stylist Umberto Savone has given his three-step routine to achieving gorgeous waves.

  • “Step 1: Prep The Hair

o   Towel dry with a paper towel to eliminate extra moisture without adding frizz. 


Use UMBERTO Beverly Hills Controller Conditioning Spray for hold and heat protection. Blow dry hair lifting up and away from roots.

  • Step 2: The Waves

o   Using a 1 ½” curling iron take 2” sections beginning at the cheekbone wrap all the way around the barrel.  It is important not to feed the hair through the barrel or you will have Shirley Temple ringlets over mermaid waves.

  • Step 3: Finish the Look

o   Let the hair cool and shake the hair to loosen curls, but do not rake through with fingers or the curls may become stringy.


Finish with UMBERTO Beverly Hills Hairspray to hold the front of the hair away from the face.”

Get any hair do looking perfect with Umberto Beverly Hills products and Colorescience mineral corrector palette will even out any discoloration for a sheen smooth look every day!