Happy Halloween my little ghosts and goblins!  If you are like some of the celebs celebrating Halloween and go all out, you will need a quick way to remove the makeup and that waterproof mascara at the end of the day!

Toss those harmful makeup removers in the trash, and give lashes a much needed break with the GLOV On-The-Go. Designed with micro-fiber technology, the GLOV On-The-Go removes even the toughest waterproof cosmetics with just water giving your eyes and skin the treatment they deserve!


GLOV On-The-Go has a compact design that is easy to use on a daily basis and when traveling. Inspired to meet the needs of contemporary the woman, it is the secret ally in your daily routine. All you need is water to remove makeup, cleanse, and tone skin! It is awesome:)!

Step 1: Dampen GLOV’s dual action micro fibers with water

Step 2: Wipe away your makeup with ease, cleanse and tone skin by massaging skin gently with the GLOV

Step 3: Hand wash the GLOV with any bar of soap

Step 4: Hang to air dry

Price: $12.99  Availability: ulta.com

*Can you guess who this celebrity is? (hint: Will & Grace)