Halloween Nail Designs With Q-Tips

Looking for nail inspiration to polish off your Halloween costume? Or maybe you’re ditching the costume this year but still want to get in on the fun? Check out a few easy, creative nail designs, courtesy of Q-tips, to help get you into the Halloween spirit.

Precision Tops Q-tips

Don’t forget to pick up Q-tips Precision Tips to create these looks – with its tapered ends, they’re the perfect (disposable!) nail art tool. The best part? Easy clean-up! No need to wash and clean nail brushes between colors.

Pop Art Manicure

top nail designs for halloween

How-to steps:


DIY a Pop Art mani for a comic book Halloween costume in a few steps.

1.       Paint accent nail with white polish. Paint all other nails matte blue.

2.       Once accent nail is dry, using a Q-tips Precision Tip, dot on light blue polka dots. With its tapered ends, Q-tips Precision Tips make a great dotting tool.

3.       Next, add a star-shaped design using a Q-tips Precision Tip in matte blue polish and outline in black. Outline all other blue nails with black polish.

4.       Add a fun comic exclamation, like Pow! or Bam!, on top of the star.

5.       Finish off blue nails with arched white lines and a dot on edge of nails to create a “glare.”

6.       Cover entire nail with top coat and you’re all set!

Zombie Brains Nail Art

top halloween nail designs

How-to steps:


An easy zombie manicure tutorial for your spooky Halloween costume is just a few steps away.

1.       Paint nails with a bright red nail polish.

2.       Next, draw on the brains using a pink or nude color nail polish and Q-tips Precision Tips to create the squiggly lines.

3.       After the polish has dried, finish with a top coat and you’re ready for a Halloween party!

Bloody Manicure

hottest nail designs for halloween

How-to steps:

This awesome Halloween manicure is easier than it looks!

  1. Start with a nude nail polish as your base color.
  2. Next, dot on a couple of red drops per nail using a Q-tips Precision Tips.
  3. Then, connect the dots on your cuticle by drawing a line between them and then draw a line against your cuticle.
  4. Once dry, finish with a top coat to seal in your creepy nail art design.


Q-tips Precision Tips are SRP: $3.29 for a 170-count pack and can be found at Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Kroger and many other retailers nationwide.