Last Year’s Oscar Hair Vs. This Year

anna kendrick


How will top celebrities be wearing their hair this Sunday on the Red Carpet at the 88th Annual Academy Awards???  Check out our predictions from last year and compare them to 2016!


“I think this year anything goes!  We will be seeing hair down and flowing, hair half up/half down, up in tight sophisticated buns, lose messy buns, side braids & pony tails, down straight & sleek…maybe even a few short page boy dos!”

top celebrity beauty

All hair styles will be created by some of the hottest celebrity stylists in the industry.  Arriving at the celebs location bright & early Sunday morning with only the best hair styling products in their kit.

Here are a few of our hair product lines we can’t live without!  Get the perfect hair style every time using…

Mark Hill

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And let’s not forget, with every hair style goes the perfect accessory!!!


We are expecting celebrity hair styles to vary this Sunday.  Depending on the style of the designer gowns, expect hair to be worn down with lovely long waves and curls as well as up in classic buns.  We can’t wait to watch the Red Carpet! Best part evah!