Go2Brush Lines Eyes and Lips



This unique brush made from silicone is unlike any bristle brush. The handle is strong, sturdy, durable and the tips are hypoallergenic.  The handle is 7 3/4 inches long and has a prefect grip while using either side. The gray tip offers better control with flexibility over bristle brushes. The rounded side is for lips, blending, and smudging.  Really great for the ombre lip look.

The Tri bevel end is for straight lines and with a slight 45′ degree tilt you can create the perfect cat eye. Clean it with 99% alcohol to sanitize and sterilize.  Makeup artists love that there is no dry time needed while using on more then 1 client.  Saves time, buying more product and most importantly saves money.


I love how you can smudge your eyeliner or make it look perfect while using this go2brush makeup tool!  I would definitely recommend buying one and make sure it was always in “my” makeup bag!

*A product of Lash La Rue “Go2Brush.com” Award-winning celebrity makeup artist has designed a silicone-based tool, perfect for eyes & lips. A must-have for every makeup bag!

Available now at: Go2Brush.com