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Groove Life has created the perfect, comfortable fashion accessory that helps keep users stay safe, secure and stylish. The Groove Ring has been designed to withstand the demands of any athlete, avid outdoorsman, adventurous spirit, or those who frequently work with their hands.
Regular metal rings provide little to no room, causing a potential medical emergency if they are caught on machines, rocks, or any other hazardous material. Groove’s unique design ensures it will break free if trapped, making them ideal for anyone who loves to hike, travel, or enjoy the great outdoors. With Groove Ring, every explorer, creator or inventor can have peace of mind while being able to fully commit to every adventure they may encounter.

groove life rings

“While the original Groove Ring was created to be worn as an alternative to the traditional wedding band, roughly 30% of our customers are not married and wear Groove as an accessory,” says Goodwin. “The ring truly transcends age, gender and sport.”

Groove Rings provide breathable, flexible, durable technology in a fresh, fashionable ring, all backed by a Lifetime Warranty! With a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles, there is a ring for every adventure lover or fashionista in your life.  And now, Groove Ring is hotter than ever – being expected to showcase in over 1,000 retail stores by the end of 2017.

Let me tell you, my hubby works with wood, metal, saws, audio equipment etc, day in and day out.  Needless to say, many fellow employees have lost fingers getting them caught in the equipment.  He actually lost his wedding band and I never replaced it…Then Groove Life approached me to review their rings.  Well, now my husband wears a black band every day and I wear my purple one!  Too cool!  Thanks Groove Life!!!

I urge you to check them out today!