Get the Holiday Hair You Wish For

The holidays are rapidly approaching.  So, it’s time to start thinking about all the ways to glam up your style, starting with your hair. Lucky for you, Hairdo makes it easy to achieve the festive, chic hair you desire in just a matter of seconds.

Hairdo Style-A-Do/Mini-Do ($25,

This dynamic duo can be worn separately or together to create the perfect up-dos, twisted rolls, high chignons and low chignons. Just wrap these elastic-band pieces around a ponytail or bun and your style will be elegant and maximized in no time.

Hairdo 25” Straight Pony ($59,

No matter what your hair length is, this wrap around pony will make a major fashion statement. Wear it straight, braided, curled or waved for the long-lasting pony that you wish for.