Get A Healthier Mouth

There are many toothpastes available and many all natural brands.  But if you compare Boka to most of the other toothpastes on the market, you’ll notice one typical ingredient missing: fluoride. Did you know that fluoride may be preventing your cavities from healing?


What you don’t know about fluoride:

Fluoride is very popular, but many do not know why. Despite popular belief, fluoride is not an all-purpose oral health fixer. While fluoride has been deemed safe in moderate amounts, too much can lead to weakened bones and ligaments, among other problems.

It’s simply a naturally occurring mineral found in many water sources. Despite many dental companies touting the benefits of fluoride in toothpaste, most toothpastes don’t actually have enough of the mineral to do any significant good for mouths.

Why isn’t there a higher concentration of fluoride in most toothpastes?

The FDA doesn’t allow it because a sufficient concentration of fluoride could damage developing teeth, if swallowed. There are also some serious risks involved if too much fluoride is consumed, like tooth discoloration, stomach issues and skin rashes. The potential for harm from fluoride is the initial reason Boka cut it from their toothpaste formula.

So what ingredients does Boka have?

–        XylitolThis sugar alternative has decay-preventing qualities, which is why it’s present in products like chewing gum. The bacteria that causes cavities can’t use xylitol for growth, so it can reduce their presence while repairing enamel.

–        Mentha Piperita Essential Oil – Made from peppermint leaves, this oil has been proven to have decay-preventative qualities. It also fights bad breath and is an anti-inflammatory.

–        Mentha Viridis Oil – An oil derived from spearmint plants that works as a disinfectant.

–        Gaultheria Procumberis Oil – This oil comes from North American wintergreen trees, and it can be used as an oral antiseptic.

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