Furlesse Facial Patches

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Want flawless looking skin like actress Jamie King…Then check out these fabulous facial patches!

Furlesse patches are a gentle and easy to use (no-needle!) solution to relaxing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Certain areas of the face are prone to wrinkles due to everyday facial expressions. Furlesse patches
work by smoothing out the skin while holding it in place, preventing unwanted pillow creases and furrowing of the face.

Wear Furlesse patches while you sleep or in the privacy of your own home. These patches are an effective quick fix before a big event or night out. Furlesse patches can be used as a complement to your existing cosmetic injectable routine or can stand on their own as a natural, non-invasive option to smoothing facial lines and wrinkles.

better then botox for wrinkles

Where to find: Available at Sephora inside JCPenney stores, or online at www.furlesse.com and other leading online retailers.

Furlesse patches come in different shapes and sizes:

crows feet remedy

· elevens target the vertical furrows on the brow
· crows smooth stubborn crows feet around the eyes
· lip-sticks address both the expressions lines and upper lip creases
· rows address the horizontal lines on the forehead