Fragrance Trend For Fall


It’s time to put away the light, citrus fragrances and switch over to a perfume with a blend of spicy, warm, woody notes. Clive Christian and Krigler have the perfect new fall essentials to make this transition flawless.


§  Krigler Kabarett Krigler 216: In conjunction with the brand’s reentry into Berlin, Ben Krigler created Krigler Kabarett Krigler 216, a warm and spicy and uplifting eau de parfum that pays homage to the halcyon days of 1920s Berlin. The city is widely considered as the capital of cabaret shows, an impression instilled by the famous musical and film Cabaret. Like the unisex fragrances that set Krigler apart back then, this fresh, sweet, warm and woody new fragrance reflects the sexual freedom and joie de vivre that made Berlin a center of youth culture.

Price: 1.7 fl oz at $245 and 3.4 fl oz at $355  Available:


§  Clive Christian Noble VII Rock Rose: This perfume is a modern interpretation of a classically styled fougére scent. The invigorating top notes of the perfume are a blend of citrus oils centered on the rich warmth of bergamot that is given a masculine edge with black pepper and a touch of neroli. The heart revolves around the fusion of lavender, violet, herbs and the rich character of rock rose. The base is a combination of dark cocoa and patchouli with an abundance of amber and a touch of sparkling vetiver to compliment the citrus accord on top.


§  Clive Christian Noble VII Cosmos Flower: This feminine, yet complex perfume gives depth to the modern gourmande genre of fragrance. A delicious blend of sweet benzoin and caramel in the base is given a Chypre twist with bitter cocoa, dry amber and a touch of leather that unfurls as the fragrance warms. The bouquet at the heart wraps around a rich fruity plum accord that fuses with the intensity of ylang-ylang, the sensuality of jasmine, the fruitiness of osmanthus and the chocolaty note of cosmos flower. To replicate the rich aroma of the cosmos flower, natural cocoa has been used in the heart, adding a dark bitter edge to the perfume. A distinct fruit character is also found at the top of the fragrance, while sparkling pink pepper and a touch of fiery rum bring warmth and delight.

Price: $550 (1.7 fl oz)  Available: