Hottest New Fragrance For Mother’s Day


Luz de la Riva Lily Perfume

A light and lovely alcohol free fragrance, induced with natural aphrodisiacal fragrances which release the hormone Oxytocin (otherwise known as the “Happy Hormone”). Packaged in a beautiful vintage bottle with atomizer, it’s a gorgeous fragrance that your mom would be happy to display on her vanity. With the infusion of the natural aphrodisiacs, each time mom spritzes the scent, she will be reminded of you!

Lily is a social butterfly. She flitters through life, and seems to always maintain an optimistic attitude. She is intoxicating, and others are naturally drawn to her. Lily’s Intimate Pheromone Perfume is the epitome of Lily’s character and the effect she has on others.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Alcohol free
  • Natural aphrodisiacal fragrances that release the hormone Oxytocin
  • 2 seductive fragrances:
    • Wild Orchid
    • Sweet Chérie

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*Not only does this fragrance smell delicious, it lasts all day long! (The atomizer keeps you from wasting perfume and sprays easily:)