Flawless Skin with DECORTE: Oscars 2017 Beauty Secrets



How do fair skinned celebrity beauties get ready for their annual walk down the Oscar’s Red Carpet…?  DECORTE!  They have the most amazing line of skincare products that give “instant” face and flaw lifts!  These celebs can apply it on a clean face under their makeup and no one will know!


One of their newer products called 3D LINE CONTROL with a Tech-crème concentrate targets aging in three dimensions, virtually pixelating fine lines and wrinkles to blur them from view while physically submerging deeper lines in our techno-active complex for a softly uniform skin surface. Perception and reality become one with a new sense of volume and utmost control. IT IS AMAZING! *


Another amazing product from DECORTE is their Vitality Tincture Oil with ultra-nourishing oils from the Baobab, or Tree of Life, this multi-functional Vitality Tincture™ saturates skin with moisturizing oils, essential in times of dehydration, extreme cold and life changes that can destabilize its balance. Plumped with vital moisture to improve skin function, skin stays calm and soothed, looks healthy, lifted and glowing.
*Paraben-Free. Dermatologically Tested. No Animal Testing.