Expert Fashion Tips To Help You Dress For Hot Weather

Everyone waits for the hot weather to come around every year. It’s the time of the year where we can go outside and really enjoy the sunshine. The only problem is that dressing for hot weather can be a bit of a struggle. We want to look good, but we also want to feel comfortable.

When the sun is shining, it makes it hard to wear certain things. As a result, we need to have a few outfits and items of clothing that are suitable for this hot weather. To help you out, here are a few of my best tips:

fashion tips for summer

Wear Loose Clothing

Tight clothing is never a good fit for hot summer weather. It sticks to you as you sweat, and can make you feel really uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact it makes you feel like you’re being roasted in an oven.

Instead, you need to do the opposite and wear loose fitted clothing. Wear things that won’t stick to you and will give you a little bit of freedom. I’m talking about dresses, loose trousers, baggy t-shirts, etc. This is the perfect tip to apply if you’re getting dressed for work or to go out with friends for lunch. They’re easy clothes to wear all day long as they help you feel comfortable. What’s more, they can be extremely stylish too. If you look at the latest women sundresses, you’ll see there are so many colorful styles and designs that are both classy and elegant. The same goes for trousers and summer t-shirts too, you will find some in so many varieties and styles, there’s bound to be one that suits you.


Stick To Light Colors

Black is one of my favorite colors. It goes with just about everything, and a black item of clothing can save many outfits. The problem is, during the summer, black clothing isn’t a great choice. Black absorbs the heat more than any other color, and this can leave you feeling extremely warm.

So, you need to avoid wearing black clothes as they will make you feel very hot when the sun is out. The obvious solution is to wear light colors instead. White is always a winner as it does the opposite of black and reflects heat. You could wear the exact same item of clothing and feel much cooler in a white version compared to a black one. Other light colors that I think give off great summer vibes are yellow, pink, orange, and light blue.


Switch Up Your Footwear

As a child my grandparents always told me that our feet play a big role in how hot/cold we feel. I’m not entirely sure how accurate this is, but I believed it nonetheless! To be honest, I do often feel that if my feet are warm, I’m a lot warmer in general. Likewise, if I can keep my feet cool, then I’ll feel cooler.

Bearing that in mind, summer is a good time to switch up your footwear and put on something different. Stick your shoes and trainers back in the rack and put on some sandals or flip flops. You can find some really stylish summer sandals that will go great with both professional and casual outfits. Similarly, there are plenty of flip flops available that are comfy and keep you nice and cool.


Wear Sports Clothes

Sports clothes and sporting gear can be your best friend during the hot summer months. These items of clothing are often specifically designed to be breathable and help you feel cool. They’re meant for people to wear when they’re exercising, but you can wear them just around the house or if you’re popping out casually.

They can make you feel a lot cooler than regular t-shirts and shorts, that’s for sure. Like I said, they’re designed to be as lightweight as possible, to help with athletic performance. Not only that, but the athleisure fashion trend is very big right now. As a result, there are plenty of stylish sports clothes you can buy to put together an outfit that looks good and makes you feel comfortable at the same time.

Dressing for the hot weather is all about striking the right balance between comfort and style. Of course, you want to look good in the clothes you wear, everyone does. But, are you really going to look good if you’re sweating like mad in your outfit? Make sure you wear clothes that complement the weather and keep you cool during the summer.