Fall Sexy Eyes



I am loving this look!  What about you?  Fabulous thick cat eyes with long sexy eyelashes…Want this look?

beth bender beauty

Cat Eyes are easy to create if you have Beth Bender Beauty’s Cat Eye Stencil Set, (available at: www.bethbenderbeauty.com).  To create a thicker cat eye like in the photo, you will need to place your cat eye stencil higher above your lash line.  If you want a thinner cat eye then place the stencil closer to your lash line.  (You can play around with your cat eye stencil to create all types of cat eyes)  Once you have your cat eye applied to both of your eyes the way you like, then it is time to add your mascara.

We suggest using a volumizing mascara with fibers.  (soon to be available at www.bethbenderbeauty.com) You will need to apply a thin coat of the mascara, then the fibers so that they cling to your eyelashes.  Then apply another coat or two of the mascara.

For a finishing touch, apply a cream or shadow based high-lighter just below your eye brows to open up your eyes and make them look brighter!