Emily Ratajkowski on The Red Carpet

emily ratajkowski

We loved Emily Ratajkowski’s look for the 2017 Golden Globe Awards and below is a quick way to recreate her hairstyle at home using Cuvée Beauty’s Champagne Spray for the ultimate tousled look!

For a lived-in, tousled look, this texture spray creates instant “second-day” hair with just a few quick spritzes. It also provides powerful antioxidant protection that conditions and strengthens hair, leaving behind locks that are perfect and piece-y. It’s safe for color and chemically treated hair, and is sulfate- and paraben-free. ($42; CuveeBeauty.com)


As a result of one wild birthday weekend in Las Vegas, Cuvée Beauty Founder Rachel Katzman ended up with champagne-soaked hair – and absolutely loved it. She couldn’t believe how silky, soft, and textured the champagne left her strands, and immediately knew that her boozy beauty discovery had to be bottled.