Effortless Style With CINO Tops

OMG!  Love these shirts!  Light weight, stylish and can be worn with casual or more upscale clothes.  The fact that you can wrinkle, twist, and throw them into your suitcase makes them the ultimate “must have” blouse while traveling and for every day wear!

The CINO collection features women’s shirts, tunics and dresses in a wide variety of colors, prints, and designs in its signature “crinkle” fabric, which can be dressed up or down. The material is lightweight and flexible, which make traveling with, and storing the shirts simple. It also adjusts its fit to the natural shape of the torso, giving the body a slimming effect.

  • CINO couldn’t have made packing any easier-simply twist your CINO shirt and toss into your travel bag.
  • The twisting gives your shirt the perfect crinkled look and custom fits the curves of your body.
  • Best part…No need for ironing!!!

Visit CINO and check out their fabulous selection of tops!  I am bringing mine to Vegas next month, baby!