Earth Day Beauty Essentials


So many people look at food labels every day, but how many take the time to look at labels when shopping for personal care products? Consumers often pay attention to the ingredients that go into their food, but unfortunately tend to pay little attention to what goes on their skin, their largest organ.

Lifestyle futurist, Shel Pink, founded and launched SpaRitual in 2004 with a clear idea of an enlightened consumer in.  Proudly vegan and Cruelty-Free, SpaRitual is deeply committed to caring for all living creatures.  They believe what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies.

SpaRitual body care products are formulated with vegan ingredients from around the world, including many specially sourced and selected plant essences that are Certified Organic and Fair Trade.  The nail lacquers and nail care essentials are vegan and formulated without DPB, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

This Earth Day (April 22nd) SpaRitual has you covered from your head to your manicured toes!

sparitual vegan hair oil

NEW Passionfruit Agave Vegan Nourishing Oil for Body + Hair 95% ORGANIC, 99.9% NATURE-DERIVED: This nourishing oil may be used on both body and hair. It soothes and softens skin and is easy to rinse from the hair, leaving it hydrated and frizz-free.  $42 via

sparitual vegan cleansing oil

NEW Passionfruit Agave Vegan Exfoliating Cleansing Oil for Body 74% ORGANIC, 99% NATURE-DERIVED:
This in-shower body oil transforms from an oil to a delicate, milky emulsion when in contact with water. Exfoliated and cleansed skin feels silky smooth, moisturized and nourished.  $28 via


NEW Passionfruit Agave Vegan Nourishing Body Soufflé 82% ORGANIC, 98% NATURE-DERIVED: This incredibly nourishing moisturizer deeply hydrates and softens for radiant skin.  $34 via

sparitual sugar scrub

NEW Passionfruit Agave Vegan Nourishing Sugar Scrub 83% ORGANIC, 99% NATURE-DERIVED:  Gently scrub away impurities with this luxuriously hydrating sugar scrub for silky smooth skin.  $50 via

For Your Nails!

sparitual nail polish

Nourishing Vegan Color Inhale Collection for Spring/Summer
All-in-one formula strengthens, hydrates and revitalizes nails with Advanced Oxygen Technology, Red Tea sand Seaweed.

• Mindful brush features over 600 bristles that fan out on the nail providing maximum control and precise application.

• Incredible polish leaves nails brighter and healthier

• 99% of women tested experienced healthier nails.

• Vegan, 9-free formulation is gluten and cruelty free

$12.50 via


NEW Nourishing Vegan Protective Gloss
All-in-one formula can be used alone; giving nails the same benefits as Nourishing Vegan Color or in harmony with a color for a high-shine boost.  • Vegan, 9-free formulation is gluten and cruelty free  $12.50 via