The Do’s And Don’ts Of Having Fine Hair

Having fine hair can be a bit of a nightmare. People that have full bodied hair can often get away without doing much to it and it’ll still look great, but when you’ve got fine hair it seems like you need to spend hours working on it with loads of different products to get it to look good. If you’ve got a busy work life, there’s not much time to spend on your hair so you probably end up just giving up on it and letting it do what it wants. But great hairstyles don’t have to be reserved for people that are lucky enough to have a lot of volume in their hair. Just follow these great tips for people with fine hair and you can take all of the hassle out of your morning routine and get some great results.

Wash Your Hair Often

There’s a lot of conflicting information about how often you should wash your hair. A lot of people tell you that washing it every day is bad for your hair because you’re cleaning out all of the natural oils. It’s better to let them build up a little and only wash your hair every other day, but that’s only true for thick or curlier hair. When it comes to fine hair, that’s not good advice. Grease builds up in fine hair very quickly and it’ll start to weigh it down and make it look bad. To combat this, you should wash it regularly to stop it from getting dirty.

Be Careful With Products

When you’ve got fine hair it’s tempting to use a lot of products to try to make it look better but that’s not always the best way to go. A lot of those products just aren’t designed for your hair and they won’t do anything. Using too many different products can also dry your hair out, making it more of a struggle than it already is to get it looking good. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using products at all but you need to pick the right ones. For example, volumizing mousse can work wonders on fine hair as long as you don’t go overboard, but products that are specifically designed for fuller hairs won’t do a thing for you. Anything that’s specifically designed for fine hair is ok but more generic hair products aren’t right for you.

Another great product for thin hair is a good texturizing spray. Heavy mousse or gel won’t do you any favors but a finer spray won’t be so harsh on your hair. It’ll help you build a bit more body without causing any unnecessary damage.

Dry Your Hair Properly

People that have full hair can go to bed with damp hair and wake up in the morning and it’ll all fall in the right places. Unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury. Your hair isn’t going to bounce back like that so if you go to bed with it wet, you’ll wake up with all sorts of kinks and bits sticking out all over the place. Letting it air dry after you leave the house isn’t a good idea either. One good way of getting a bit more volume in your hair is to brush it out once it’s completely dry so don’t rush out of the house while it’s still wet.

Another great tip when you’re drying your hair is to do it upside down. It’s a bit of a balancing act but it’ll help you out no end. If you add a little volumizing mousse to it and then blow dry it while you’re upside down, you’ll end up with a lot more volume.


Backcombing your hair might seem like a whole load of hassle because it’ll take you a while to untangle it all. The thing is, you might just have to make that sacrifice if you want to add more volume to your hair. It’s probably best to get a professional to do it so you don’t end up making a mess of it and you’ll just have to deal with combing it out afterwards.

Use The Right Comb

I bet you’ve never considered the science behind combing your hair but choosing the wrong material for your comb could be disastrous. Your hair gets static and messy when negatively charged electrons are stripped off your hair, leaving them with a positive charge that makes the strand repel one another. A plastic comb makes this happen a lot, but if you use a metal comb you won’t have that problem at all. If you find that you’ve been combing your hair relentlessly and it’s still all over the place, it’s probably because you’re using a plastic comb instead of a metal one.


Trying to curl your hair and get it to stay that way when you’ve got fine hair seems near impossible but you can do it, you just need a lot of hairspray. Using too much product too often will dry your hair out and that’s a particular problem with hairspray so you can’t get away with doing it all the time. But on those special occasions when you want to do something a little different, don’t hold back with the hairspray.


Sometimes, dealing with fine hair is a real pain and you just can’t be bothered with it. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t look good. When you’ve got fine hair it’s perfectly suited to a ponytail, it’s the only benefit that you’ve got over people with fuller hair. On those days when you don’t have time to spend ages blow drying it upside down and treating it with mousse, putting it up into a ponytail is a quick solution that still looks great.

It might be unfair that you’ve got fine hair that takes a lot of work while everybody else is walking around with full, thick hair that doesn’t need much work to look great. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have hair that’s just as great as everybody else, just follow these simple rules and you can manage your hair easily.